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Campus Life

Morning and After Care

St. Christopher School is pleased to provide a morning and after school programs that meet the needs of our families.

Morning Care begins at 7:40 am each day school is in session. Teachers supervise the students in the Parish Center. There is no fee for Morning Care.

Our After Care program is also staffed by St. Christopher School faculty members whose goal is to provide a safe, secure and engaging environment for your children. Our services are offered to students in grades kindergarten through eighth. It runs immediately after school Monday – Thursday until 6:00 pm and Fridays after school until 5:00 pm.

A typical day for our After Care children will include snack time, homework assistance, free play either outside or in the gym, and time to relax. There will be opportunities for quiet reading, imaginative play and participation in small group activities.  Snacks are provided as a part of the program.

We require registration in our program. The family registration fee is $25.00 and the cost is $14.00 per child per day. Charges, based on monthly usage, are billed to families at the end of the month. Registration forms may be found on Gradelink or by contacting the school office.


During the sixth grade angel program, each sixth grader becomes a Guardian Angel to a new kindergartner. The 6th grade students help the kindergartners get accustomed during the first weeks of school. Sixth graders show them how to find their classrooms at the beginning of the school day, as well as eat lunch with them during the first weeks of school. Sixth graders and kindergartners sit together during the Guardian Angel Mass, celebrate the holidays together and play games and read during classroom sharing activities.  They share their recess time as well.

Clubs and Organizations


At St. Christopher School, Altar Servers are trained in the fall of 5th grade.  This opportunity is open to both boys and girls. A student can continue being an altar server throughout high school.


The Ambassador program consists of seventh and eighth grade students who apply and are selected to represent our school at CSW Open House and other events throughout the school year. Student duties include acting in a responsible, respectable manner and setting a positive example for the student body. This club offers students the opportunity to exemplify leadership skills and help develop public speaking skills.


The St. Christopher School Announcement Club video tapes the daily school news each morning, August through June.  Auditions are held for this club and students must be in the middle school to participate. Announcement Club meets every morning 30 minutes before school and one day a week, Wednesdays, after school for 40 minutes to prepare to tape the school news.  The school news consists of daily readings, prayers of intention, daily updates (lunch menu, sport team updates and club/activity schedules to list a few). The readings and prayers are taped in advance while the news is taped each morning in the SCS STREAM Lab.

The STREAM Lab contains an interactive whiteboard, green screen and additional equipment to tape and send the daily announcements to the classrooms in an efficient and creative manner.  St. Christopher School announcers must create the scripts, prepare the PowerPoints, tape and edit the video to keep the school informed of the many daily activities that happen throughout the week.


St. Christopher School Band is a group of student musicians that rehearse and perform instrumental music together. Beginner Band is made up of students in grade 4.  Advanced Band are students in grades 5-8.  The students meet individually with the band teacher one time per week.  During a lunch period one time per week, students meet in groups to prepare for concert performances.  The bands perform annual Christmas and spring concerts.


Brain Brawl is an academic competition through Saint Ignatius High School. This competition focuses on many different topics that include Literature, Fine Arts, Geography, Science, U.S. History, Government, Pop Culture, World History, Math, Sports, and Potpourri. Saint Christopher School typically brings two teams consisting of seventh and eighth grade students.

The St. Christopher students that represent our school are selected based on academic achievement in the classroom, MAP scores, and/or recommendations from teachers.  Students practice weekly to prepare for this tournament. This is a great club to join if you have a passion for trivia. It is truly an excellent opportunity to meet other schools and develop relationships with Saint Ignatius High School.


Classroom of Champions is an academic competition at St. Edward High School where local eighth grade scholars compete to demonstrate their knowledge.  In September, St. Edwards High School selects three different schools to compete each month from October through March.  The top three scoring schools come together in April for the final championship.

The St. Christopher students that represent our school are selected based on academic achievement in the classroom and recommendations from teachers.  These students meet once a week to practice for the event.  The top seventh grade scholars are invited to join our eighth graders practice sessions to help prepare for their future competitions.


St Christopher Parish offers a number of sports throughout the school year to students in grade 4 through 8.  Teams compete against local catholic parishes under the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO).  Girls can participate in volleyball and basketball, while the boys can participate in football and basketball. Girls and boys can participate in cross country and track.  A junior hoops program is offered to all students in grades kindergarten through 3rd grades.  Junior Hoops is a basketball development camp.


Drama Club is open to students in grades 4 through 8.  It is an opportunity for students to learn basic acting skills and techniques, stage directions, set construction/props, lighting and sound.  Selection of the cast and crew is in December and rehearsals begin weekly in January.  Drama Club culminates with a play.  There is a day performance for the school and a night performance for families and friends.

This is an enjoyable club where students learn to express themselves on stage, expand their imaginations through characterization and costumes, and form new friendships.  Participating in Drama Club builds confidence, poise, and teamwork!


Drone Club is open to students in grades 5 through 8. Students will participate in hands-on learning by applying Bernoulli’s principle, lift, thrust and drag to drone flight.  Students will use 21st century learning skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving to maneuver the drones through various mazes created by the students in a fun and competitive manner.  Students will also learn how the drone movement is changing society now and in the future.


Offers our students in grades kindergarten through second to participate in meaningful environmental activities and projects.  The goal of this club is to empower its members to make and promote positive environmental decisions and behaviors.


The Entrepreneurs Club is open to students in grades 6-8 and is under the direction of Mr. Vaughn, a school parent and a financial planner/investment adviser. The club meets on Monday’s during the students lunch period. As a club member, students will learn financial literacy and business skills, in addition to the basics of investing. They take part in an area wide stock market challenge and a “Shark Tank” experience, where they pitch a product that they created.  Top placers in these competitions can win cash prizes as well.


Students in grades four through eight are eligible to participate in the National Geographic Bee.  The contest is designed to encourage and spark student interest in geography. Each Tuesday in October through January students meet from 2:50 pm to 3:30 pm to review materials prepared by the National Geographic Society, complete practice tests and study the geography of the world through a variety of activities, such as apps, online and small group activities.  In January the students participate in the school geography competition and the winner of that competition participates in the online state bee qualify test and so on up to the national level if successful.


Knitting Club is an after school program that meets one day every other week from October through April.  It is open to students from grades 4 and up.  Students start out with 10 stitches on a needle and learn the basic garter stitch.  Later, they will learn to cast on, the purl stitch, and binding off.  Knitting occupies idle hands and broadens attention spans.  This hands-on activity is creative, relaxing, entertaining, and very portable.  Students in this club can take pride in the interesting projects they create.


Math Club is open to students in fourth and fifth grades.  We meet every other week from October through April.  Our goal is to encourage strong math skills by providing fun, collaborative games and activities.  Students will build their self-confidence and excitement for math by using their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  Join us in our mission to understand, solve and DO MATH!


As members of the SCS Newspaper Club, students actively participate in writing, editing, and publishing articles and other content for our school newspaper. They have many opportunities to practice and improve their research, writing, editing, photography, and digital publishing skills, in addition to having lots of fun and producing a newspaper that will be enjoyed by the school and parish communities. The club is open to students in grades 5-8.


Power of the Pen is the leading interscholastic program in written expression designed for 7th and 8th grade students.  Power of the Pen inspires a love for the beauty and power of language for writing as a life skill.  It encourages creative and critical thinking, and enriches and enhances the writing curriculum of our school.  Power of the Pen at St. Christopher School has both 7th and 8th grade teams.  Each team can have up to six students.  The students meet once of week beginning in October to practice writing to a prompt to simulate the competitions which commence in February each year.  The students advance from Regional to Sectional to State Competitions depending on individual success at each level.


The Lego Mindstorms series is the foundation for the St. Christopher School Robotics Club.  The kits which contain software and hardware provide the students in grades five through eight the opportunity to create customizable, programmable robots every other Thursday from November to April. They include an intelligent brick computer that controls the system, a set of modular sensors and motors, and Lego parts from the Techic line to create the mechanical systems.  Once built the students program their robots to complete a variety of challenges which promote hands-on experience using mathematical concepts such as estimating and measuring distance, time and speed along with effectively using scientific and technical language.


Science Olympiad is a science competition that involves teams of students competing in science events that cover a range of science and engineering topics. There are general knowledge events such as What Went By, Deep Blue Sea, and Pentathlon. Other events are lab centered and require students to demonstrate skills.  The John Carroll University Science Olympiad is for students in grades 4-6th and takes place in the spring. The Saint Ignatius High School Science Olympiad is for students in grade 6-8 and takes place in the fall.


There are many active troops including Daisy, Brownies and Boy and Girl Scouts. Students in grades K-8 are eligible to join.  More information including sign-up is sent home with students from the different organizations.


Saint Christopher School’s Ski Club allows 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students to get some fresh air and exercise during the cold winter months.  Our club travels to Brandywine five Mondays beginning in January. There is an additional cost to cover lift tickets, equipment rental, and five trips on a Lakefront Lines bus. Participants also receive credit to the resort that they can use at a different time of their choosing.


The Saint Christopher School Student Government consists of 7th and 8th grade students who are elected to serve for the entire school year.  Their duties range from selecting a school-wide service project and pep rallies to planning middle school dances and assisting with various service projects. This is a great club for those who exemplify great leadership skills and who have a passion for serving others.


Students in grades 4-8 meet once a week to play and practice table tennis. Meeting dates vary and are determined by Mr. Raiff’s after school availability. Members also can participate in a school-wide tournament held in the Spring.


The tennis club is open to students in grades 4-8. We will meet from 5-6 PM at the Rocky River Middle School Courts. The club will meet; weather permitting, on Tuesdays in October. There will also be a spring session if there is sufficient interest. During each session, members will participate in a variety of fun and fast-paced drills that will help to develop their tennis skills. The drills will then be followed by the opportunity for to engage in series of competitive games and challenges.


This club meets once a week, for 45 minutes, immediately after school. Students in grades 6-8 provide homework help and support for students in all grades. This is a wonderful opportunity for middle school students seeking to provide service by helping and mentoring a younger student.


It is the goal of the Saint Christopher School Yearbook Committee to capture the memorable moments of the school year through photography and written expression.  Yearbook is open to middle students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade. The group meets every Monday October through March after school for 40 minutes to select photos, which they took, of the various events and activities that make each and every school year memorable.  The students create the yearbook layout, select, upload, crop and place the pictures into the online yearbook software, and write any articles or summaries that appear in the yearbook. The Saint Christopher School Yearbook is truly an expression of the fond memories of the school community.


Youth Choir is open to all students in grades 2-8. We rehearse Wednesday’s after school in the balcony of the church. Our rehearsals prepare us to sing for school liturgies and a weekend mass that occurs once a month. Youth Choir members are also eligible to audition to be a Junior Cantor. Junior Cantors rehearse in addition to the regular choir rehearsal. Their role is to assist in leading the congregation in song at school and weekend liturgies.

Interested in Enrolling?

We are now accepting students for grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Please visit the Admissions page for registration information and downloadable documents.